Visa Debit Card

Use your Market USA Visa® Debit Card to conveniently make everyday purchases, conduct transactions at ATMs and pay bills.

  • Enjoy These Great Benefits
  • Access to over 30,000 surcharge-free CO-OP Network ATMs Nationwide
  • 8 free monthly ATM transactions (if you have direct deposit of $500+ or for all members under the age of 25 (ATM surcharges may apply; $1 ATM transaction fee after the 8 free)
  • Visa® $0 fraud liability
  • 24/7 fraud monitoring

Debit Card

  • Visa® Debit Card Activation & PIN Selection
  • Easily activate your Visa® Debit Card and select your PIN by calling (501)588-7531 or (866)762-0558
  • Debit Card Features
  • Easily order a Visa® Debit Card or ATM Card by: (1) calling Members Services at 800-914-4268; (2) secure messaging Member Services within our App or Online Banking; or (3) utilizing the Secure Contact Form on our website
  • Conduct ATM transactions (deposit, withdrawal, transfer or balance inquiry)
  • Enjoy the convenience of a contactless card. Simply tap your card on a contactless-enabled checkout terminal to make an easy, fast and secure payment
  • Linked to your Checking and Membership Savings accounts
  • Make Purchases - select debit and enter your PIN to get cash back without ATM surcharges at select merchants or select credit but you will not be able to get cash back
  • Automatic Payments - Set up recurring or one-time payments
  • Add to your Mobile Wallet - Apple Pay® or Google Pay™
  • Link to your apps
  • Opt-In to authorize payment of overdrafts (Privilege Pay fee of $29 for each occurrence)

Helpful Information

Before traveling, contact Member Services (via calling 800-914-4268, sending a secure message within our app/Online Banking or using the Secure Contact Form on our website) to notify us in advance of the destinations and dates you'll be traveling to prevent possible interruption of ATM or debit card access. Include alternate contact numbers that can be used to locate you if necessary.

Make a record of your card account number and compile a list of important numbers for reporting lost or stolen cards (during business hours contact Member Services at 800-914-4268; after hours call (888) 241-2510 (for collect & international call (909) 941-1398). Keep the list in a safe place away from your wallet or handbag.
When you purchase gas "at the pump" using your Visa® Check Card and select "credit" as your payment option, any amount from $1.00 to $100 will be authorized and held against your account balance until the gas station settles the actual charge for the amount pumped. To avoid an authorization perhaps larger than your purchase, you may select the "debit" payment option at the pump and enter your PIN or pay for your fuel inside the gas station with the cashier. Once your gas transaction is complete, the exact amount of your purchase will be held in authorization.
If you plan to use your cards for on-line purchases, verify that the website uses a secure encryption system. An encryption system ensures that your information cannot be obtained by an outside person. Most internet browsers will indicate or even warn you when a website is not using a secure connection with a padlock icon somewhere on the address bar. A few web browsers also use red warning messages to let you know that you are entering information on a site that is not secure.
Your Market USA Visa® Debit Card may be used with Apple Pay®, Google Pay™ and Samsung Pay™ mobile payment wallets, which use tokenization to provide additional security. Use your Market USA Visa® Debit Card to securely and easily pay for purchases using these mobile payments apps.
Payment Apps like PayPal, Cash App or Venmo have become a popular way transfer funds to people you know and trust. Be sure you are selecting the payee carefully. If you mistakenly send money to the wrong person or bank account using one of these Apps, most Apps will only process a refund request from the recipient. Getting a refund after making an unwanted payment can be very difficult and generally, payment Apps offer no guarantees.

Safely Use Payment Apps

Only send Funds to People you Know

Various scams have been seen with payment Apps so a good rule is to only use them with people you know and trust. A big flaw with Payment Apps is some can take more than a day to process a payment. A scammer can make a payment to you and then cancel it before it hits your account.

Set up Security Features Offered by the App

Be sure to set up PIN or biometric authentication if the App offers it. Utilize email and text notifications offered by the App to stay on top of any suspicious behavior.

Protect Sensitive Information

Never give out your personal information. Legit companies will not ask you to disclose personal information, such as a PIN or card number.

Be Careful Calling Apps for Support

Payment Apps usually don't offer separate support venues so avoid any website claiming to be vendor support. If you need support, you will usually need to contact support through the mobile app.

What to Do if You Sent Money to a Scammer

If you sent money to a scammer, report the scam to the mobile payment App and ask them to reverse the transaction right away. Getting a refund after making an unwanted payment can be very difficult and generally, payment Apps offer no guarantees. Also, report the fraud to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). When you report a scam, the FTC can use the information to build cases against scammers.

Keep all documents containing your account information in a secure location. Be sure to use a paper shredder when it is time discard such documents. It is best to keep a list of your debit and ATM card numbers and their corresponding emergency telephone numbers in a safe place. This will be helpful if you should ever need to report a lost or stolen card. When not carrying your cards with you, be sure to keep them in a designated secure location.

ATM Card

For members not having a checking account, an ATM card gives easy access to Savings accounts.

  • ATM Activation
  • Complete a transaction with your issued PIN at an ATM to activate your ATM card.