Privilege Pay Overdraft Service

With Privilege Pay, the credit union will extend the courtesy of paying your checks or other when you do not have sufficient funds in your checking account1. The credit union does not encourage you to overdraw your account. We understand that mistakes can happen - and Privilege Pay can save you the embarrassment of a bounced check as well as save you money by helping you avoid merchants costly return check fees. If you choose to otherwise use Privilege Pay for an emergency need, we suggest writing a single check for the funds you need, in order to minimize the fees that you incur. There is a fee for this service.

This service is not available for everyone. If you are eligible for the service, it automatically be added to your checking account(s). You may opt out of this service at any time.

How It Works

Privilege Pay allows you to overdraw your account in order to pay items presented by check, ACH, or bill pay. Everyday debit/ATM transactions are not covered. You may opt in/out of coverage for these types of purchases through digital banking or by contacting us. You can view your Privilege Pay usage at any time by reviewing your statement or Online Banking history.

The credit union will use your Available Balance when determining if you have sufficient funds to pay an item. Your available balance may be different from your Ledger and/or Current balance, depending upon pending transactions. We do not have Authorize Positive, Settle Negative (APSN) fees. A debit card transaction privilege pay fee only occurs if the account does not have a sufficient available balance to cover the transaction at the time the member initiates the transaction and the member has elected to have debit card transactions covered. Members can avoid debit card privilege pay transactions by opting out of this coverage at any time.

Items are processed in accordance with our clearing order: checks clear in check number order; ACH debits clear in the order that they are presented from the Federal Reserve; and ATM/Debit transactions clear in the order that they are presented from our card processor. Once your account is overdrawn, you must restore a positive balance within 30 days, in order to avoid suspension of the service and/or other collection efforts.

Other Overdraft Options

Market USA offers alternative overdraft services such as overdraft lines of credit and automatic transfers from other accounts, which may be a less expensive alternative to Privilege Pay. Ask us for details. If you have an existing overdraft protection from your savings account and/or overdraft line of credit, we will access those funds for payment prior to utilizing Privilege Pay.

Peace of mind

Avoid expensive merchant returned check fees

Allows for more flexibility with your spending


  1. Market USA will normally pay overdrafts within Privilege Pay limits; however, payment by Market USA is a discretionary courtesy and not a right or obligation. We may refuse to pay an overdraft for you at any time even though we may have previously paid overdrafts for you. The Privilege Pay service may be withheld by Market USA at any time without prior notice reason or cause.