Money Market Accounts

Our Money Market Account offers a higher rate than our regular savings account and easy access to funds, including check writing privileges. You'll earn a competitive return on your money without the risk of the stock market, or the term limitations of a share certificate. With our tiered structure, you earn higher rates on higher balances.

You can open up a Money Market Account with as little as $2,000.
There are no monthly fees, even if your balance falls below $2,000.
Funds are insured by NCUA up to $250,000. This means you can keep a large sum of money in your account without the risk of losing it to a market crash or an uninsured investment. It's a great opportunity to save with confidence!
One of the most attractive features of our Money Market Account is the liquidity of funds. Money Markets have no maturity date or term requirement. This affords you ease of access that other savings vehicles, such as Share Certificates, do not have. You are free to access funds in your account at any time.
You can make deposits to your Money Market Account by setting up an automatic transfer, transferring funds from another Market USA account using Online Banking or our Mobile App, or stopping by a Market USA branch or shared branch.
You can transfer funds from your Money Market Account to your Market USA checking or savings account through Online or Mobile Banking, stop by a Market USA branch or shared branch, or use the checks provided with your account.
Money Market Saving Account Rates
APY Balance APY Dividends Compounded/Credited
$100,000 1.50% Daily/Monthly
$50,000 1.25% Daily/Monthly
$20,000 1.20% Daily/Monthly
$10,000 1.00% Daily/Monthly
$2,000 0.75% Daily/Monthly
$0.01 0.05% Daily/Monthly
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Are you ready to start saving big? Open a Money Market account today!