Membership Savings Account

When your membership application is processed, a Membership Savings Account is opened for you. Once opened, you can use your membership savings account to implement easy automated savings by setting up Repeating Transfer in Online Banking or our App. You can conveniently and systematically build your savings after receiving direct deposit! If you only have a Membership Savings account with us, you can systematically save by setting up a portion of your pay to be direct deposited to your Membership Savings Account. We hope that you take advantage of all the benefits of membership, such as our high rate VIP Checking Account.

Savings Rates
APY Balance APY Dividends Compounded/Credited
$25,000 0.07% Monthly/Monthly
$5,000 0.06% Monthly/Monthly
$2,000 0.05% Monthly/Monthly
$0.01 0.05% Monthly/Monthly
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No monthly maintenance fees

Tiered Dividend Rates Paid Monthly

No minimum balance requirement
(above $5.00 opening deposit)