How to Avoid Fees at Market USA

It's commonplace to find a variety of fees being charged at any financial institution. What makes Market USA different? We are committed to serving your best interests - and to helping you improve your financial health and reach your goals.

With that in mind, we'd like to tell you how you can avoid certain fees and keep more money in your pocket!

Privilege Pay Fees

Privilege Pay is designed to provide coverage in the event of an accidental overdraft. Should you choose to use it for an emergency cash need, we suggest writing a single check for the necessary funds, in order to minimize any fees that you incur. You can also apply for a Personal Line of Credit and use it as overdraft protection to avoid accessing Privilege Pay when overdrafts occur.

NSF & Overdrawn Fees

Did you know that you can set up e-Alerts to notify you when your balance reaches a certain level? Use this feature to notify you when your balance is getting low, so that you can make a deposit and avoid any fees if necessary.

ATM Fees

Avoid costly fees by using our ATM locator to find surcharge free ATMs near you. Additionally, you can avoid fees by using your card to get cash back when making a purchase. In addition to machine surcharges, Market USA charges a $1 fee for ATM transactions. You can get 8 free transactions each month simply by signing up for Direct Deposit!

Club Account Excess Withdrawal Fees

Our Holiday Club & Vacation Club accounts are designed to save for specific purposes, and as such, provide a limited number of withdrawals each year. If you think you'll need to access the funds more often, you can open a sub-savings account instead and avoid the excess withdrawal fees.