How to Make Loan Payments

Below are additional ways to easily make loan payments. Please refer to your statement for payment amount owed.

  • Free and Easy Payment Options:
  • Enroll in Online Banking - Set up free automatic ACH payments from an account at another financial institution through Online Banking or our App. Enroll today!
  • Start Direct Deposit with a Market USA Checking Account! - This is the easiest, most convenient, and our most recommended method of making payments! Simply bring over your direct deposit to a new Market USA checking account and we can set up automatic payments so you never have to worry about paying on time again!
  • ACH payments from your financial institution - Many members opt to have us deduct payments directly from their financial institution. Simply reach out to us via email and we'll set it up for you.
  • Set up online bill pay - It's okay if you don't use us as your primary financial institution! You can always set up online bill pay through your bank or credit union and add us as a payee (don't forget your member number!) Your other financial institution may charge for this service.
  • Payment Portal - This convenient option allows you to make real time payments using your debit card or deposit account! You can pay by ACH for FREE or through your debit card for a service fee of $7.95. Follow the easy prompts to submit your payment today!
  • Visit us at one of our THOUSANDS of Shared Branch locations - For your convenience, we take part in "shared branch" banking, which means you can visit many local branches and still make transactions on your Market USA account! Visit for more details.
  • Mail in your payments - Send checks or money orders (not cash) to:

    Market USA Federal Credit Union
    Re: Loan Payment
    8871 Gorman Road, Suite 100
    Laurel, Maryland 20723
    Phone: 301-586-3400 or 800-914-4268